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  • Guide price: €100/m2 (main component: polypropylene (PP) honeycomb) or €80/m2 (extruded polystyrene (XPS))
  • Weight: around 4.5 kg/m2 (XPS) & 5.5 kg/m2 (PP) for a 36 mm thick panel (thickness – up to 100 mm)
  • Shipping worldwide
We produce panels of various compositions and functions. Product technical parameters depends on customer needs. Variation of materials with different technical parameters is possible for both the composite panels’ core and the outer layer. The most popular panel fillers are extruded polystyrene and polypropylene honeycomb. It is possible to cover the outer layer with glass fibre, cloth tilt, gelcoat and more. The biggest length of the composite panels is 12 metres, and the width – 2.5 metres. However, the fixing of few composite panels together is easy and fast.
PP honeycomb is the ideal component for any lightweight structure/panel. It provides high stability at a low weight and is resistant to elements and corrosion.


  • Guide price: €8000 (composite made from polypropylene honeycomb)
  • Standard size: 1600 mm (height) x 6000 mm (length) x 2300 mm (width) – 22.08 m3 (dimensions may be adapted to our customer needs)
  • Can hold up to 20 tons of water
These containers are characterised by longevity, low weight, simple transportation, resistance to corrosion, environmental impact and temperature fluctuations. For these reasons our containers are simply superior to metal containers. We are able to adapt to our customer needs when producing the container (dimensions, size, composition of the panels, etc.). See Gallery for examples.


When manufacturing new products we always take into account the needs of customers. This allows our product range to continuously expand. We can produce commercial, industrial and household products according to your needs. Support is provided with design, technical matters and other necessary solutions.

composite panels


We also produce strong and reliable solid surface, granite & obsidian products, which are designed and manufactured according to individual requisites of our customers. The application of these materials is very broad and can be used both in households and commercial spaces.

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Countertops are the most popular product that our clients order:

  • They are both practical and aesthetic. When producing countertops, we customize them according to your design requests (including color, shape). The products can be adapted to fit any kitchen space;
  • Granite countertops are the most durable ones. They are resistant to water, heat, light and acid. The surfaces are easy to clean with warm water and a mild detergent. Since granite is a very hard substance, it is not susceptible to scratches;
  • For those who are looking for modern solutions, we offer very rare tabletops from Obsidian (volcanic glass). Such surfaces are both elegant and durable.

Other popular products include outdoor furtniture, stairs, windowsills, shower trays, etc. If you are interested in any products from solid surface, granite, obsidian or similar materials – contact us for more information.