About Composites

Key activity of our company is production of various products from composite materials (such as polypropylene (PP) honeycomb).

We focus on innovative solutions and adapt the product to customer needs. Our manufacturing bridges energy efficiency, affordability and high quality. With our technology we can produce composite panels for residential, commercial and industrial objects without aluminium, cement or wood. Therefore, there are significant savings on costs, time and energy consumption. To remain innovative and on the edge we continually add new products to our supply line.

Composites Features and Charasteristics

  • High strength and flexibility

    Composite panels are made of materials that have different characteristics and chemical compositions. The properties of resulting composite panel depend on each of its components. Effectively using all the components together allows the newly produced composite to have much wider range of physical and mechanical properties, ensuring higher strength and flexibility.
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemical impact

    Due to the different components, the resulting composite is resistant to corrosion, chemical impact and other environmental factors that could affect the durability of each of the consisting materials separately.
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations and water

    Produced composite panels are significantly more resistant to temperature fluctuations and water. These features allow us to create unique product, such as the composite containers for liquid industrial waste transportation.
  • Low thermal conductivity

    Composite products have particularly good thermal resistance. This increases energy efficiency and insulation of the final product.
  • Durability

    Due to its properties and environmental resistance, composite panels are very durable and remains of high quality.
  • Relatively simple production and maintenance

    Innovative production process allows the panels to be made quickly. This saves customers’ time and labour costs. In addition, such product properties as durability and environmental resistance, allows to simplify the maintenance of composite panels.